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picking colorsAre you planning to repaint your home or office? If you have ever walked into a home improvement store and looked at the paint swatches section, you’ll understand how difficult choosing the perfect colour can be. Simply look at the amount of different whites that are available and it’s enough to give yourself a headache. Here are some tips to help you pick the right colour for your area.

General Rules

Before anything else, try to think about what feel you are trying to create in your space. By doing this you can get a rough idea of what colour will be suitable. Every colour has the capacity to affect the mood of a person viewing it so it is important you are expressing the right emotions with your colour choice.

A general rule for painting rooms is to consider the size and light of the space. Lighter colours are going to make a room feel larger for example while darker colours are obviously going to have the opposite effect. This same rule applies to ceilings which are often forgotten. If you plan on mixing it up and choosing a colour instead of the standard white, make sure you are making your room feel cosy rather than cramped. Super dark ceilings are not recommended.

Colour Choices

Red – is a bold and exciting colour that is often used in areas that are used for social gatherings. It is often used in restaurants as it is believed to stimulate your appetite. Due to its boldness, red should be used sparingly. Only a little is necessary to make a massive statement so be sure not to go overboard. This shouldn’t be the primary colour in the room and is not suitable for bedrooms.

Orange– like red is an exciting colour and should be used where high levels of energy are needed. Use this sparingly throughout the house.

Yellow – the colour of the sun and flowers, this colour just makes people happy. It can look great in kitchens or even bathrooms as it is uplifting and positive. Be wary however as using too much or the wrong hue can actually cause the opposite effect and you will see yourself getting frustrated more often.

Blue – ask around and a lot of people will say that blue is their favourite colour. This could be because of its calming nature. It has also been said to improve your health by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

Due to its calming properties, it is the perfect choice for bedrooms to get that great night’s sleep. Choosing a blue that is too light in a brightly lit area can come across as cold rather than calming so it is important to consider lighting to get the desired feel. Stay clear from dark blues as it can bring the room down and leave you feeling sad.

Green – is the easiest colour on your eyes. It brings about the sense of calm you find with blues while delivering the positive energy of yellow. While it could be suited to any room if you find the right shade, it is quite daring and may not be suited to every persons taste.  It can make you feel lazy and underproductive if used too much.

Neutral colours – (these include grey, white, beige and black) are a great choice as they offer you the flexibility to change your decor as you see fit. By using these you can add pops of colour with furniture, wall pictures and decorations.