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Good Breast Feeding Techniques That You Should Follow

Even though most people are looking forward to the arrival of the newest member of their family, for women the time period immediately after the delivery is a very stressful one. Because along with having psychological effects, the time after delivery can bring about many alterations in the anatomy of the body as well. vaginal rejuvenation Melbourne

So if you want to reduce the stress of dealing with the new baby amongst other problems post-delivery such as treatment for stress urinary incontinence, then giving the baby a good feed will be the best way to do it. For this the baby has to be properly positioned so that there is effective latching/attachment. We know there is good latch if the baby’s mouth is opened like a yawn, the lips are curled outwards and the tongue is over the lower gum. The mother must dress comfortable attire with the breast uncovered. The mother back should be straight and she should be in a comfortable position. Keep a pillow and then place the baby n top of it. There 4 different holds the mother can have the baby in – cradle hold, cross cradle hold, football hold or side lying hold. The baby’s mouth, chin and umbilicus should all be in one straight line.

The infant’s nose should be near to the breast and the whole of the areolar should be inside the baby’s mouth. Although most mothers would prefer to exclusively breast feed the baby there might be instances when you are left with no other option but to leave the baby for a few hours under the care of someone else, for example when you have to go for something like vaginal rejuvenation Melbourne. Then expressed breast milk becomes the best option for you. Expressed breast milk is milk that is manually expressed. It is given when the baby is preterm, unwell, has poor sucking or when the mother is unwell, is a working mother or has an inverted nipple until she gets used to the proper technique of feeding. First you have to tepid sponge the area around the areolar to simulate the receptors. Then start pressing downwards from the upper aspect of the breast. Read more about these procedures here

Storage – for 6 hours at room temp, for 24 hours in the lower compartment of the fridge, for 3 months in the freezer compartment.Advantages of breast milk include the increased Oxytocin production which reduces bleeding in the mother and helps the uterus come back to its normal size. There is reduced risk of osteoporosis. It is emotionally better for the mother and baby because it allows them to form a bond. There is also reduced food allergies in the baby and better development.