You’re finally on your way! You have planned and saved for a while knowing that this will be the holiday to remember. Whether you’re travelling alone, or travelling with your family or friends there are some things you don’t want to get wrong when you’re on that well deserved time away.

Motel Accommodation is a huge part of any holiday, whether it’s just a weekend away or two weeks, the temporary place you’ll call home is vitally important. There are a few options you might find agreeable, and make even more sense to your plans. Considering Motels as an option is a great idea. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what the difference between a Motel and a Hotel is, it’s simple, and can make a huge difference to your holiday. Hotels are generally places that you stay at, whereas Motels are Hotels specifically designed for people with vehicles. They are usually designed so that your car, van and other transport is just a few steps away from your room door.

While this may not seem that great, think about the possibilities. While away you are usually going to want to explore your surroundings. If you are traveling with the family this can be a costly time. Taxi’s can while fair, still cost a pretty penny that you might better use while away. There is usually the option of public transport, and while there is a plethora of options available, trains, trams and buses. They mean that you have to travel when they are scheduled, making your days less flexible. So if you have your own mode of transportation available, your day can run like you planned. You aren’t limited to where public transport runs, but where you want to go. This is highly advantageous, and can be extremely cost effective.

Another type of accommodation is serviced apartments. This may not be an option that many have considered before, but the benefits of using them as your temporary home can be huge. A serviced apartment is typically a furnished apartment that unlike normal hotel rooms has amenities like a small kitchen area, while still getting that excitement of Hotel service. What does this mean for your stay away? This means that you have the option to control your meal times. This can make a huge difference cost wise, especially if you are with your family. Food can be costly when you find yourself having to buy every meal, and while serviced apartments amenities don’t always have a full kitchen, they certainly take the strain off of meal times.

Like any holiday accommodation, you should investigate the different options available. Visit Parkville Place Apartments which suits your needs best, and which is more cost effective. Location is also going to have a big say in your decision. But when you see the various accommodation types listed seriously consider the benefits of using a Motel or Serviced Apartments. Either option has the potential to save you money, and create a memory for that perfect holiday.