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The Rate Of Crime In Australia

Resolving crime costs the Australian Government close to $48 billion a year. It is a huge expense to bear, but fortunately there is a lot of resource funding to guide us on how to go about this problem. Traffic lawyers at Liverpool continue to be overworked in defending their clients in courts of law on issues ranging from murder, rape, abuse, and a host of other things. It does keep them busy, but that’s no excuse to let crime go spiraling out of control. There has also been a spike in domestic violence, and domestic violence lawyers are constantly engaged in securing the interests of their clients.

Australian law has expensive traditional law control methods and continues to hire more police, but if the moral fabric of the nation does not change, progress cannot be made. Parliaments are advocating longer prison terms, and this in turn in overcrowd prisons. At the same time, we can see that crime rates are dropping across the entire nation. We should not overstate a connection in declining crime rates with punitive populism. We should remember that formal criminal justice programs are a blunt instrument to fight crime, as simple as that. If there is no fear of punitive action, criminals would have a field day.

If there is equality of opportunity and a strong social capital system in place, societies can thrive to their fullest potential. Policymakers should adopt and develop traffic offence lawyer Sydney, and finally put into place the above programs and initiatives. A start has to be made. For example in the correctional facilities, there should be emphasis on prison based rehabilitation. There’s a need for accommodation support as well as opportunities for employment of ex-convicts. They should not be looked down upon as the scum of the earth, because that will only be regressive to their transformation.

There is a debilitating influence on the mental health of the offenders and if needed, selected prisoners could be provided counseling services funded by the state. Though it will be high cost to bear, it is for the best.To stem the flow of new offenders, there should be diversionary programs put into place. These keep young people out of courts. The work of restorative justice practitioners should be supported and reinforced. There should also be specialist courts in the Australian legal framework and these have to supported and buttressed.
Training the police to handle criminals properly is also a part of the deal. They should respect all communities equally and the Aborigines should not be neglected or abused. All of the police forces have to be specially trained to intervene effectively in family and domestic disputes. This is the way forward.